Friday, 28 January 2011

Back after winter gap.

 It has been a while since I posted anything new. I purchased some very nice units of Saxon and Bavarian cavalry on Ebay some time ago, and I think thses may be the work of Doug Mason, but cannot be sure.

 Thre are two Saxon heavy cavalry regiments at 32 figures per regiment that I needed for my Borodino plus two squadrons of Bavarian light cavalry at 6 figures per squadron. I believe there were two squadrons of Bavarian light horse on the Orbat in the later green tunic as depicted.

 I intend to sort out the main table again soon, but may well put up a fantasy battle as the son of an old friend is due to visit at the end of February and he has the makings of a future wargamer in him! If not the plan is too build a large town on the table to allow for both a large Napoleonic skirmish game of a possible 28mm WW2 scenario.

 Hopefully my next post be will have more to report.

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  1. Splendid post Colonel. I do enjoy large town fights myself. Really looks the thing if you take my meaning.